capacity for action


At Ownity, we co-create solutions to build capabilities, strengthen leadership and evolve ways-of-working. We work with individuals, teams and organisations.

Together with our clients, we foster the collective and individual capacity to act - strategically, meaningfully and effectively.

We grow capacity, not just skills

We support leaders in different ways. And hold them to account.

We evolve systems. For the better.

Our work is centred around

  • Making new ways of working work - on individual, team and organisational level. We build skills that enable top-notch Agile. 
  • Enabling sustainable change – mostly on a strategic level, for organisations who are transforming
  • Leading leadership teams and working teams to their next level of maturity

We push beyond classroom training, conventional leadership interventions and self-referential cultural initiatives

Our clients



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What we do

Enable leadership teams and individual leaders

Help leadership team to 

  • Find ways for effective and impactful decision making 
  • Realise how their behaviour impacts the ownership of their teams  \
  • How to hold themselves to account: work productively with tension 

Involves team coaching, facilitation of off-sites and 1-1 coaching as needed

  • Own your visibility and impact.
  • Create and convey clarity
  • Sharpening the 5 Layers of your Leadership reality  

Strategies to build organisational capabilities

For any organisation that set out to transform or change, sustained success depends critically that new ways of working are truly embedded. We work with Executives on getting real commitment to the target culture, that roadblocks are resolved strategically and that individual skills are built and reinforced. Our perspective complements the short-term focus on outcomes. 

We bring the expertise to design capability strategies, to orchestrate its delivery across channels and – most importantly – to enable Executives to hold the narrative over the length of the transformation. 

Leading teams to the next level of maturity

We help teams to accelerate in maturing in what they do. 

Topics involve: collective decision making, concerted action, accountability, communication and collaboration, using tension productively, caring for outcomes, harvesting diverse thinking.

Our impact results from connection, contextual awareness and ruthless, yet productive challenging of the status quo.

Learning experiences that matter and transform

We create learning experiences  empower people to hold themselves in their challenges, and contribute to meaningful action. Our training programs are simple yet immensely powerful. We consider how adults actually grow and change. We focus on two areas

  • Making new ways of working work. We build the skills that enable top-notch Agile. 
  • Transformative Leadership programs. See WYSE International and our Midline Leadership program, in collaboration with BLSC.

The impact for our clients

Sustained behavioral change


We help change things for the better. We hold a strong strategic perspective on the goal and the process. 

  • Integrate individual change and system change
  • Integrate strong accountability with the ability to learn from mistakes
  • Make language and leader role-modelling priority areas
  • We don't just help teams and organisations to 'survive' better. We instill a more aspirational perspective. 
  • A change in ways of working often fail because don't know how to hold themselves in change processes, how to transform. We teach how to think, how to work, how to lead. Our support goes deeper.

Effectiveness - where it matters most


We enhance our clients' perspective of how to best about what they do

  • Balance effectiveness and strategic perspective 
  • Recognise trade-offs, and act accordingly
  • Focus on effective decision making
  • Meaningful action, using creative approaches
  • What everyone is doing and why; why and how outputs and outcome matter
  • Awareness and appreciation of the context in which teams and leaders operate, it's potentials and limitations

Accountable collaboration


We work to create more mature workplaces and teams. When we leave organisations and teams have improved around:

  • Communication; discussions that need to happen do happen - in a way that is respectful and considering of context
  • Stronger focus on accountability and a more explicit care for outcomes
  • Meaning and energy
  • Ability to hold complexity, and relate to it from a place of understanding, not just actionistic
  • More awareness of how the team operates, and equipped to improve organically



Ownity is a play on words to describe an attitude. 

There is ‘own’ – pointing to a sense of self and to a sense of authorship over how we hold ourselves, about the choices we make, how we express ourselves, how we hold ourselves to account, to what extend we understand who we are, and how we work with that knowledge. Every individual, team and organisation will find unique ways to fulfil their authorship; to ‘own’ who they are. 

And there is ‘unity’ – pointing to a sense that we can achieve very little solely on our own. Even if it was possible, it wouldn’t be fulfilling, meaningful or fundamental. We think of a mature unity, not one monolithic block – but a community, probably not even of like-minded people; people who care about complementary aspects and come together in the service of it.

Our name is not just a reflection of what we do and how we perceive the world. It's an invitation, indeed a suggestion (an ask?) for our clients, for everyone really, to show Ownity.

Dr Stefan Fothe


Founded Ownity in 2017

6+ years at The Boston Consulting Group

  • Since 2017 Expert for Capability Development Programs - as a contractor I complement selected BCG case teams around leadership, culture and capability
  • Head of Learning and Development for Australia 
  • Global Learning Expert on Enablement

Facilitator and coach at WYSE International Leadership Program. Check out: www.wyse-ngo.org

Certified Executive Coach and Team Coach (IECL)

Lead Speaker Coach at TEDx StKilda (2015-17)

PhD in Business Education, with a thesis on instructional design; 

4 years post-doc in the field of (cognitive) instructional psychology . 


My journey to Ownity

I had the privilege to explore learning and growth from three perspectives:

  • Research angle, with expertise in business education, adult learning and cognitive instructional psychology 
  • Pragmatic perspective at BCG – working for clients as well as developing consultants; focused on high-performance cutting through complexity with speed
  • Holistic perspective at WYSE leadership programs. Here I’ve found my tribe, connected with my inner hippy and moved beyond being just highly functioning – which made me more impactful

I thrive off the contrast between these worlds. Contrasts require us to balance and to bridge; without losing our ambitions. And that’s what I do. And in the same way I thrive off the contrast of being a German in Australia.   


Christine Yeung


Christine is an organisational psychologist, social innovator and founder of Beyond Story.  She brings a wealth of experiences and knowledge to us designing and implementing learning and development solutions that facilitate a deeper way of how we think and feel about ourselves and manifest in the world.


What we stand for


Our Vision: More maturity in the world

Complexity and pressure are at an all-time high. At times it looks like the  world might be getting mad. Yet, it won't slow down. We already see the danger of oversimplified answers in organisations and the world. 

It needs maturity to hold ourselves, our teams and our organisations in this world. 

Maturity underpins any tool or skill, the culture of every workplace and every sustained success. Maturity exists for individuals, teams and organisations. Essentially, maturity describes the qualities of how we look into the world, and the qualities of the actions we take. It is the way we hold ourselves in the face of what the world puts to us.

Our Mission: Strengthen capacity for meaningful action

There is an important difference between your capacity and your skills and capabilities. If the latter are limbs, the former is your spine. There is no point to have strong limbs if one is spineless. The strength of our backbones determine what we can achieve. Therefore, we aim deeper than most - we aim to strengthen the timeless substance, so that the limbs can move fast and agile. 

The zeitgeist is about disruption. In contrast, capacity evolves. Thus, we need to strengthen it. The prize to be won is meaningful action. Meaningful action is about doing the right thing - vs. blindly reacting to pressures. And it is about concerted action - all walking towards the same vision. 

Our Purpose: Elevate learning to what's possible

Training sessions and learning experiences can be so much better. We are not using the potential of learning, neither in training rooms nor in the workplace. Forget about 70/20/10.

The way to thrive in today's world is to understand how we think, and how we can change ourselves, and yet for this to be successful, to stay true to who we are. It requires us to grow our capacity for self-leadership, to change and to evolve our mindsets. All of this is more difficult today than ever before. 

Strengthening capacity requires much more than skills trainings. It’s not just ‘upskilling’ people. It’s real immersion; behavioural-centred rather than content/tool centred, it considers the person/the human. Our learning experiences are introspective - and action-orientated. 

Deeper and more meaningful learning experiences create real confidence, resilience, a change in professional identity, and hence mindsets.

Working with us

How we work: With maturity


We focus on topics of strategic relevance for our clients - and we make sure, together, we deliver. We are understanding - and respectfully relentless

Partners in solutioning. We co-design bespoke solutions that are pragmatic, ambitious and right. We take ownership to complement the perspective and expertise of our clients

We are mindful of the responsibility clients give to us by allowing us to work with their leaders and people - and themselves! We believe in potential, not naively but wholeheartedly

We challenge ways of thinking - not just being enough or getting more work done, or needing to be more efficient. We are more aspirational than that. We aim for a different relationship to one's work; one that is more fulfilling

What we bring: Capacity for excellence


We know how to develop. We bring expertise in capacity building ("mindset") and sustained behavioral change. We have been truly integrating the different modes of learning in the workplace 

We orchestrate solutions. We go beyond traditional training, conventional leadership development and self-referential culture initiative. You want change? Change the way you think about change.

We defy the typical boxes. We are home to the business world, yet not confined by it. We also bring a strong focus on research, spirituality and the implications of capitalism

We make solutions simple - but not simpler. We are skilled to hold the complexity of the context we work in - the different systems and the human factors, until change actually happens

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